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Bear & Debra Hughes
Debra Hughes
Debra, Carl & Erika
Max & Debra Hughes

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At Always Loving Pet Care,

We love your pets like they are part of our family.

Hello my name is Debra Hughes, I am the owner of Always Loving Pet Care.  

I've lived in the Grand Junction, CO area for 40 plus years (sounds better then saying all my life.)    


My husband Carl and I have been married for 15 years, and in our wonderful blended family, we have 3 children, 2 grandchildren and many furry family members.

My love of  animals started at a very young, age when my parents bought me a kitten.  We had dogs, hamsters and fish growing up. Throughout my life I have done pet sitting for family and friends and could often be found at the neighbors loving on their pets.

After working at Choice Hotels International for 19 years, they closed the doors in December of 2012. (I may have still been working there, had they not closed up in the Grand Junction area).  It was an eye opener for me to finally start doing what I love to do, spending time with animals.


I've volunteered for the Colorado House Rabbit Society Northwest Satellite (CHRNWS) for over 8 years. I've also fostered bunnies in our home, rescued bunnies that have been abandoned and become proficient at caring for house rabbits.


In 2013, I began looking for jobs that would let me do what I loved. I was able to work a few hours for the CHRNWS and at a local dog kennel.  I would often care for large groups of dogs at one time.  I learned a lot about dog’s behaviors.


I have completed a certified pet sitters training class with a veterinarian as our instructor. Have been through dog training classes, I am a member of PUPS and am involved in many other pet sitters group.


I have volunteer with Claws &  Black Canyon Animal Sanctuary and their Silver Wisker

program here in Grand Junction. When we adopted our African Grey through Gabriel, we went through their wonderful adoption program, which has provided me with the knowledge for caring for birds.

These past 4 years, while creating a professional pet sitting company, I have worked with many different animals not just dogs, cats and rabbits but; turtles, goats, horses, baby fish and so much more.

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