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Other Services

House Sitting(No Pets)

home owners  want their home to look occupied, when they are away on vacation, visiting family or selling their home.

Did you know that having a house Sitter helps maintain your insurance policy,  it also reduces the risk of home break ins. 

​An Always loving pet care sitter will make visits to your home to collect your mail, papers, turn off or on lights, water plants, rotate blinds, check door.

Homeowners will have peace of mind in case of rare events like a  burst pipe or an extreme weather event. Your Always Loving Pet Care house sitter will keep the you  informed & take instructions to prevent further issues.

Pet Taxi

For when you can’t always get away from your daily responsibilities &need someone to take your pet to the groomers or Veterinarian appointments or Doggie Daycare or Pet Boarding.  

 Always Loving Pet Care can! With our pet taxi service.

a qualified pet sitter will pick up your pet and drop them off at their appointments. We send text messages & photos to update you on how your pet is doing on their Taxi ride with Always Loving Pet Care.

Returning from vacation, but the boarding facility closes before you get home.Don't want to pay for and extra day of boarding. Always loving Pet care will pick up your Pet and have them waiting for you when you arrive home.

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