About Us

Always Loving Pet Care has been providing Professional Pet Care since 2013 in the Grand Valley.  We are proud to have an experienced team, working together to go above and beyond your service expectations on a daily basis.  Teamwork will achieve greater results than individuals working on their own.  A single pet sitter may not have availability when you really need them.  A single pet sitter may not have a back up person to step in if something happens to them like a fall or car accident.  A single pet sitter may not be prepared to handle the emergencies that life can throw our way on the job.

Having Always Loving Pet Care caring for your pets,  an experienced, locally-based manager is on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Every Always Loving Pet Care Team members know that with one phone call, they can get advice or an extra pair of hands to assist them immediately!  As a client, you know that anytime, night or day, weekend or holiday, our team of professionals are there to take care of your home and your smallest family members—no matter what may come up.


When at work, vacations or schedule conflicts take you away, Always Loving Pet Care provides the highest quality, most reliable, and personalized pet care tailored to meet you and your pets needs.

At Always Loving Pet Care we believe that every clients is our family member,

"We Love Your Pets Like Family!" This means your pet is going to be provided with the best care when you are not there.

We will provide your pets with a stress-free environment with one-on-one care, which is why we provide in-home pet sitting. Letting your pets stay in the comfort of there own environment.  Free of the physical, emotional stress or sicknesses of a kennel, boarding or daycare facility or a “dog hotel”.  You’ll have the peace of mind knowing your pets are staying in the safety and comfort of your home and maintain their normal routine.


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